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Supreme Court Affirms Florida Rule on Judicial Elections

The Supreme Court has delivered a small victory to those working to keep our elections free from corrupting influences. In the case of Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, at issue was whether states can prohibit judicial candidates from making personal … Continue reading

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New Milestones in Corporate Personhood

For at least two centuries, corporations have been recognized as artificial persons with the right to enter into contracts, sue, and be sued. But since the 1970s, the Supreme Court has issued repeated rulings that extend this notion, recognizing the … Continue reading

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Seesaw Politics and the 2014 Midterms

Americans are now living in an era of seesaw politics, in which each election is, to a large degree, a backlash against the results of the previous one. The 2010 “shellacking” suffered by the Democrats came in response to the wave elections that … Continue reading

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Travis County Commissioners Court Candidate Forum

On October 11, CG4TX hosted a Travis County Commissioners Court candidate forum for candidates running for County Judge and Precinct 2 commissioner.  We asked each candidate to submit in writing answers to the following questions. County Judge Candidates: Sarah Eckhardt … Continue reading

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Austin City Council Candidate Forums

On November 4, 2014 (and in early voting from October 20 to 31), Austinites will vote for mayor and ten council members, the first election under the new 10-1 system. There are many candidate forums happening soon. The Austin Chronicle has a … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Better Choices for Voters

Today we publish a new Common Ground for Texans white paper on voting systems. “Better Choices for Voters: Exploring Alternatives to Plurality Voting” offers an overview of several of the most-discussed voting-system reforms, including instant-runoff voting, proportional representation, the single … Continue reading

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A Novel Usage of the Word “Disenfranchise”

I admit it: Sometimes I have the TV on without paying full attention, because I’m busy on the computer. But occasionally a phrase will jump across the cognitive divide and prick my brain. Last night, I heard a clip of … Continue reading

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New York Becomes 10th State to Join National Popular Vote Compact

On April 15, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that adds New York to the list of states participating in the National Popular Vote interstate compact. This comes two months after Oklahoma’s Senate voted to do the same. (However, the Oklahoma legislation still needs to … Continue reading

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Doing the Math on McCutcheon

In studying the Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC over the last few days, I found myself struggling to comprehend exactly what it means for our campaign finance system. The basics seemed straightforward at first: no more aggregate limits on … Continue reading

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Oklahoma State Senate Passes National Popular Vote Bill

On February 12, Oklahoma’s Senate voted to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), in which states agree to appoint their electors according to the results of the national popular vote. The agreement takes effect only when enough states … Continue reading

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