CG4TX October 2017 meeting on CodeNEXT from multiple district perspectives

What: CodeNEXT from multiple district perspectives
When: Saturday, October 7, 2017, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Where: Yarborough Branch Library

Jimmy Flannigan, Council Member, District 6
Jeff Travillion, County Commissioner, Precinct 1
Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, Associate Professor of Community and Regional Planning, UT Austin School of Architecture
Moderated by Mike Ignatowski.

At the Common Ground for Texans general meeting, we took a look at CodeNEXT, the City of Austin’s proposed new land development code, which was recently published in a second draft version. Writing this code is a major challenge because it needs, as the Austin American-Statesman says, to balance two competing goals: encouraging greater density and preserving city neighborhoods.–politics/how-codenext-maps-could-forecast-change-for-two-austin-neighborhoods/HOOEWlnV4b2wMXL93xbRyL/

CodeNEXT is now soliciting comments on the new version of the code. What will this new development code mean for the future growth of Austin? How will various parts of Austin view it differently? What’s the plan for making sure that affordable housing needs are met? These are some of the questions we hoped to answer at this meeting.

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