An Unexpected and Welcome Ally Against Citizens United

[youtube][/youtube]U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham, South Carolina Republican, was asked on WMUR’s “Conversations with the Candidate” on April 10, 2015, “What specifically would you do to remove the influence of big money on politics?”   Sen. Graham, whom no one would call a progressive, answered:

Well, Citizens United has gotta be fixed. Y’all agree with that?  You’re gonna need a constitutional amendment to fix this problem.

It’s time for Texas to join 16 other states calling on Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to address the corrupting influence of money in our political system.  Our very democracy is at stake.  HCR 49, which calls for such an amendment, is sitting in the Texas House Select Committee on State & Federal Power and Responsibility.  Please encourage Rep.  Phil King, the committee chair [email or call 512-463-0738], to vote HCR 49 out of committee so that it can be debated on the floor of the House.

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