James Fallows recommends Casino Jack and the United States of Money

In his Atlantic blog, James Fallows reports that when he had tired of watching the Angle-Reid faceoff,

I watched the DVD of Alex Gibney’s documentary about Jack Abramoff, Casino Jack and the United States of Money. I had missed it when it was in theaters this spring and am very glad to have caught up with it now. Indeed, my modest proposals for improving this election season would be to replace all upcoming senatorial, congressional, and gubernatorial debates with screenings of this film. Even though I’d been on-scene in DC when the real events it describes were unfolding, it made the scale and squalor of the corruption vivid in way they had never been for me before. … Seriously, the next time you’re tempted to see some cable-news political chaw fest, check this out instead.

Many members of Coffee Party Austin saw this when it played at the Arbor last spring. For anyone who may have missed it, I heartily seconds Fallows’s recommendation.

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