Statistical Information on Judicial Elections

The Money in Politics issue group of Coffee Party Austin is hard at work.  When Diane Owens, Joanne Richards, and Hamilton Richards testified before the interim joint meeting of the Elections and Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committees, in support of citizen funding for elections for the Texas Supreme Court and Criminal Court of Appeals, it became clear that we should provide legislators which much more statistical information.  As we gather this information in preparation for a legislative forum which we plan to host in January, we are posting this data for our readers.    Here is the first installment.

The first item is a table of states’ methods for selecting Justices to their highest courts. We present it in several forms:

The next item is a table of amounts raised in campaign contributions in the most recent election cycle for justices of the Texas Supreme Court. It is available as an Excel file and as a PDF file.

Finally, we present a comparison of sources of campaign contributions in North Carolina Supreme Court elections, before and after the establishment of the state’s Public Campaign Fund.

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