Coffee Party Immigration Group Minutes, Sunday March 13th 2011


Stewart Snider, Jaynna Sims, Carol ?, Charlie Jackson, Dave Rawlins, Lynn Willman, Teresa Taylor

Talking Points

  • No local tax dollars spent on immigration enforcement which is a federal issue.
  • Schools are already cutting positions. Checking documentation status of students takes additional manpower.

Opposition to HB12 (a “sanctuary city bill”)

  • Phone calls
  • Outreach to Law Enforcement — Find out which Texas police departments have a position on HB12. Approach police departments and ask: 1) Do they have a position on these bills? 2) What is financial impact of enforcing bills like this 3) What is the impact on existing services?
    o Stewart volunteered to contact Dallas/Ft. Worth police dept.
    o Jaynna volunteered to contact police in her East Texas home town.
    o Teresa volunteered to contact Round Rock
    o Lynn volunteered to contact Williamson County.
    o Jaynna volunteered to approach her neighborhood association’s police liaison regarding bill
    o Charlie volunteered to locate recent Statesman article stating that police are not investigating home break-ins due to lack of resources
  • Develop a fact sheet/position statement for the CP immigration group
  • The Legislative Budget Board has the responsibility of identifying the financial impact of each piece of legislation.
  • Outreach to Business
    · Can we find businesses that have taken a position on these bills?
    · Teresa volunteered to contract TRUST regarding outreach to business.
    · Charlie is interested in outreach to business.
  • Outreach to Education
    · Do event with the Dream Act kids? Use this as a tool to identify sympathetic educators? We can plan a presentation by the Dream Act kids as the next immigration event after Bob Libal presents on May 7th.
    · Esther (Coordinator, Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition) may have education contacts.
    · Jaynna may be able to do some outreach to educators.
  • Outreach to Faith Communities
    · Possibilities:
    o Austin Interfaith
    o Christian Life Coalition
    o Trinity Methodist
    o Contact Carolyn Caffrey
    o Frank Krebs? Church on Oltorf (WDP supporter).
    o Sid Hall?
    · Find out religion of legislators. Quote or use someone from same church to approach them.
    · Dave has located statement by Texas Impact. (Thanks Dave!). Note the list of signatories on this statement.


  • Send broadcast message to Coffee Partiers around Texas. Get them on RITA announcement list with opt out option.
  • Teresa already talking with Diane regarding e-mail communications.
  • Jaynna volunteered to help collate immigrant-related information.
  • We can approach journalists with story ideas in the hope of getting media coverage. Example: A story featuring the Worker Defense Project bills, and emergency room doctors/personnel.
  • Paul Workman has Tea Party connections and has also expressed support for workers compensation.
  • Approach MALDEF’s list of “soft targets”.


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