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CG4TX January 2018 meeting: “Endorsed by God? Blending Religion and Politics”

Our first meeting of 2018 took place on Saturday, January 6, at the Old Quarry branch library at 7051 Village Center Dr. The meeting took the form of a panel discussion on something deeply embedded in American democracy: separation of church and state. In recent … Continue reading

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Action Alert: Two Texas House Bills on the Electoral College and Campaign Finance

We’ve been closely following two bills that have been referred to the Select Committee on State and Federal Power and Responsibility: HB 496 (Rep. I. Minjarez) calls on Texas to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. HCR 34 (Rep. R. Anchia) calls … Continue reading

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Texas Redistricting Commission bill submitted

Common Ground for Texans hosted a community conversation on Sept 6, 2014 titled “Should Austin’s redistricting plan be duplicated in other Texas cities?”  Craig Tounget, the former Executive Director of the Austin Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, participated on our panel.  … Continue reading

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Meeting Notes: Reforming the Electoral College

On Saturday, September 12, we held a meeting on the subject of the Electoral College — how it works, its history, and what to do about it. I was honored to be part of a panel that also included Professor … Continue reading

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Bills We’re Following in the Texas Legislature

Common Ground for Texans has joined forces with other organizations to form the Texas Fair Courts Network and the Anti-Corruption Campaign. We have been working hard to oppose or support various bills that have come before the Texas House and … Continue reading

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“Let Us Now Praise Corporate Persons”

“Let Us Now Praise Corporate Persons” is the attention-getting title of a Washington Monthly  article by Kent Greenfield, a professor of law and Dean’s Research Scholar at Boston College Law School. The article’s sub-head gives the gist: Citizens United was a bad … Continue reading

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New Milestones in Corporate Personhood

For at least two centuries, corporations have been recognized as artificial persons with the right to enter into contracts, sue, and be sued. But since the 1970s, the Supreme Court has issued repeated rulings that extend this notion, recognizing the … Continue reading

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