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Supreme Court rules on voter documentation

In a case originally filed by Common Cause and other groups, the U.S. Supreme Court today (June 17, 2013) ruled in support of voter access and against states adding burdensome paperwork requirements to register to vote. The high court, in … Continue reading

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Anti-immigrant Law Pushed by Private Prison Industry

In a stunning article in In These Times on “Corporate Con Game: How the private prison industry helped shape Arizona’s anti-immigrant law”, Beau Hodai shines a bright light on the behind-the-scenes effort to write and pass Arizona’s S.B. 1070 – … Continue reading

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Alabama’s Immigration Law Makes This American Life

A 35-minute segment of the episode of This American Life that was broadcast this morning by KUT sheds light on Alabama’s anti-immigrant law: Act One. Alien Experiment. Last Summer, Alabama passed HB56, the most sweeping immigration bill in the country. … Continue reading

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Private Prisons, Immigrant Detention, and Our Money

Join Us for a Presentation by Bob Libal on How Communities Pay and Private Prisons Profit by Increasing Immigrant Detention The business model for the private prison industry is simple: Build more prisons and create laws that fill more prison … Continue reading

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9500 Liberty to be Screened at Capitol

The acclaimed documentary film 9500 Liberty, a real story about immigration policies on the local level, will be shown on March 16 in the Texas State Capitol Auditorium, 3:00–5:30pm. Admission is free of charge. The film’s creators, Annabel Park and Eric … Continue reading

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Minutes of Meeting on Immigration 16 August

Thanks so much for attending the Austin Coffee Party organizational meeting for the immigration committee. It was heartening to have such a good turnout.  We completed the first two or three agenda items: What is the “lay of the land” … Continue reading

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Film: The Fence (La Barda)

I’ve just watched an advance screening of Rory Kennedy’s new HBO film on the folly of the 670-mile fence guarding our 2000-mile southern border. Online reviews here and here, interview with Kennedy here, lots of video clips here. HBO is broadcasting the film … Continue reading

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9500 Liberty reviewed

The documentary film 9500 Liberty, made by Coffee Party USA’s own Annabel Park and Eric Byler, chronicles the attempt by the commissioners of Virginia’s Prince William County to require police officers to stop and question anyone they had “probable cause” … Continue reading

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