Who We Are

Common Ground for Texans sees an overwhelming need to engage more people in our elections and policy making. We educate and empower ourselves and others, focusing on remedy, not blame. We recognize that major political parties stand for sincere and honorable beliefs, but we cannot depend on them to make government more inclusive, transparent and accountable.

We create respectful settings for transpartisan discussion and cultivate relationships that help us stand up to the forces of division that discourage participation. We do not expect to find unanimous agreement among all people. We simply believe that expressing and hearing different viewpoints is the surest way to find solutions to the electoral, ethical, and political issues of the day.

We believe that all Texans should participate in their government by voting and working to influence policy. We welcome all who are willing to listen as well as speak.

Our Values

  • PARTICIPATION: We encourage everyone who shares our vision to offer their talents and passion and to participate in this movement.
  • RESPECT: We will maintain an atmosphere for deliberation — not debate — of ideas always listening to each other.
  • CONTRIBUTION: Our success will depend on effective planning, writing, researching, acting, public speaking, and relationship-building. Everyone will be asked to contribute to at least one of these activities, but only to make commitments they will honor.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We value openness. We feel that democracy works best in the light of day, and that citizens must demand openness as much as possible, while combating secrecy.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe that citizens must be empowered to hold our leaders accountable for their decisions, and have effective means of removing those who cannot account for theirs.

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