Our Goals

Common Ground for Texans has two overarching interconnected goals:

  1. to promote and advance civil discourse; facilitate collaboration among diverse communities; and seek common ground solutions toward a healthy democracy.
  2. to advocate for election reforms that empower the people and amplify their voice in the political process.

Our strategies to achieve these goals are:

  1. to cultivate an environment for civil discourse through trans-partisan forums and discussions.
  2. to advocate methods of drawing districts without gerrymandering.
  3. to consider voting systems that provide more choice for voters.
  4. to advocate for expanded disclosure of political contributions and expenditures.
  5. to explore new ways of funding political campaigns.
  6. to advocate for and testify on Texas judicial selection reform.
  7. to advocate for the reversal of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.
  8. to promote voter participation.
  9. to identify reasonable solutions to election fraud and voter suppression

Our BOD annual retreat minutes contains details on each of these strategies.

To achieve our goals we have entered into two strategic partnerships:

We are a member, with Texans for Public Justice and several other groups, of the Texas Fair Courts Network, which is exploring the possibilities for judicial selection reform in Texas. Read their 2013 report, “Money and Justice: Is Texas Ripe for Judicial Reform?”

We are also part of Texans United to Amend, a coalition of groups dedicated to the passage of a new Constitutional amendment to make clear that money is not speech, and corporations are not persons with Constitutional rights.