Rubio’s Benefactor Bemoans State of Campaign Donations

From NYTimes First Draft on Politics May 11, 2015

Norman Braman, the billionaire Miami auto dealer who is prepared to pour $10 million into Senator Marco Rubio’s “super PAC,” has an unexpected view of campaign donations.

He hates them.

“It’s a colossal waste of good money,” he said during a recent interview in Miami.

“It’s a shame for any of this money to have to go into politics,” he added. “It should be utilized for much better purposes. There’s too many needs out there for this money to flow.”

But he sees no way around generously bankrolling candidates like Mr. Rubio, given the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United and the rising reliance on super PACs that can accept unlimited donations.

“In the world of politics today, unfortunately, super PACs are the name of the game,” Mr. Braman said. “The system has it where you have to have it in order to compete.”

Mr. Braman said he had already made a donation to Mr. Rubio’s super PAC, but he would not disclose it until the political action committee filed its government-required disclosure report this year.

For all his dismay, Mr. Braman stopped short of criticizing the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United.

“That was their interpretation of the Constitution,” he said. “But it’s a shame that people have to – that this whole thing’s developed in the manner that it has.”

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