Travis County Commissioners Court Candidate Forum

On October 11, CG4TX hosted a Travis County Commissioners Court candidate forum for candidates running for County Judge and Precinct 2 commissioner.  We asked each candidate to submit in writing answers to the following questions.

County Judge Candidates:
Sarah Eckhardt (D)
Mike McNamara (R)
Richard Perkins (L)
Precinct 2 Candidates:
Raymond Frank (R)
Steve Haskett (L)
Brigid Shea (D)

Q1. In 2014 Texans United to Amend – Central Texas will ask the Travis County Commissioners Court to endorse a resolution calling on Congress to write a Constitutional Amendment in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Common Ground for Texans is a member organization of TUTA.

Q2. Austin used an independent citizens commissioner to draw its new ten single member districts. Would you support such an independent citizens commission to redraw county commissioner precincts?

Q3. What and how are two areas where Austin City Council and Travis County CC can work more closely together to find solutions to current problems?

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