Lessig Founds MayDay PAC

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“Mayday, mayday,mayday, our republic is sinking!”

On the first day of May, Lawrence Lessig, one of the leaders of the crusade against the toxic influence of the few big funders in politics, launched a crowd-funded campaign to establish “a SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs,” “big enough to make it possible to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.”

Phase 1 aims to raise $1 million in pledges by May 31. If Phase 1 succeeds, Phase 2 will aim for $5 million by June 30. When each goal is met, pledges will be collected, both sums will be matched, and 100% of the $12 million will be used to hire the best campaign shops to make fundamental reform the issue in five congressional districts in the 2014 elections.

Experience in this Fall’s elections will indicate how much it would cost to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016, and which seats would need to change. If this “moonshot” looks feasible, the MayDay PAC’s second round will commence, crowd-funding small-dollar contributions from ordinary citizens and larger matching contributions from wealthier ones.

Phase 1 is off to a very good start. As of May 2, with 30 days to go, the campaign has raised $310,000, 31% of the Phase 1 goal.

Update 16 May 2014

The MayDay PAC campaign reached its $1 million Phase 1 goal 18 days early.

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