Candidates Forum for Travis County Commissioners Court

Forum for candidates running in March 4 primary for Travis County Commissioners Court

Forum for candidates running in March 4 primary for Travis County Commissioners Court

On February 1, 2014 Common Ground for Texans hosted a forum for all candidates running in the March 4 primary for Travis County Commissioner Court.  Candidates for County Judge and Precinct 2 were all hoping to attend, but because of a last-minute complication only Travis County Judge candidates Andy Brown and Sarah Eckhardt and County Commissioner Court Precinct 2 candidate Brigid Shea were able to attend.  Each candidate was sent three questions in advance of the forum:

Question 1:  In 2014, Texans United to Amend – Central Texas, of which Common Ground for Texans is a member, will ask the Travis County Commissioners Court to endorse a constitutional amendment in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  The resolution can be found here.  The Austin City Council voted unanimously to endorse a similar resolution in January 2013.

If you are elected, can we count on your vote in support of this resolution?

It was reassuring that all those who have responded said they would vote to endorse a Constitutional Amendment in response to the Citizen United decision.

Question 2:  What reforms do you support to reduce the influence of BIG money on county departments and elected officials?

Question 3:  Austin used an independent citizens commission to draw the boundaries for its ten new single-member districts.  Would you support such an independent citizens commission to redraw the precinct boundaries for County Commission?

CG4TX has received written responses from Sarah Eckhardt, Garry BrownMargaret Gómez, and Brigid Shea.  We will post the other candidates’ written responses as we receive them.

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