Money & Justice Forum Report & Policy Paper

On November 21, 2013 community activists joined together for a Money & Justice Forum: Is Texas Ripe for Judicial Reform? A 2013 Public Policy Evaluation in anticipation of the Legislative Interim Special Committee on Judicial Reform.  After hearing from several national and state experts, who have been following the judicial reform movement for decades, participants distributed themselves into four breakout groups to discuss what options (or parts of options) they favored or did not favor and why.  The attached report is an executive summary of those conversations.  In addition, we are providing our policy paper on judicial reform in Texas. Please feel free to share these with others.

We are currently in the process of developing an outreach plan for 2014 that will focus on the Interim Special Committee on Judicial Reform and related public education activities.  We’ll keep you posted.

We also want any ideas you have to offer about moving forward.  And please, if your organization can add its name to our informal “Texans for Fair Courts Network” we’d love to have you.  Email Joanne Richards at

Forum sponsors: Texas Fair Courts Network [Common Cause Texas, Common Ground for Texans, Clean Elections Texas, Public Citizen Texas, Texas Civic Engagement Table, Texas Research Institute, and Texans for Public Justice] and the Center for Politics and Governance, LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Money & Justice Forum Policy Paper

Money & Justice Forum Breakout Report

Best wishes for a wonderfully joyous and safe holiday season.

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