Voter photo ID

Attention Voters:
As of June 24, 2013, Texas requires photo ID to vote. There are seven approved types:
Texas driver’s license
Texas personal identification card
Texas concealed handgun license
Texas election identification certificate (EIC)
U.S. military identification card with photograph
U.S. citizenship certificate or naturalization with photograph
U.S. passport

If you have one of these forms of ID, check that your name and address on this ID matches that on your voter registration card. If it doesn’t, you may still vote but you’ll have to sign a “name mismatch” affidavit at the poll. Save yourself this trouble and change your voter registration. You can do that online at the Secretary of State website. Your changes will take effect immediately and are valid even if you don’t receive a replacement voter registration card by mail before Election Day.

Photo ID is not required to vote by mail. Voters may apply for a mail ballot if 65 or older, ill or disabled, or absent from their county during early voting and on Election Day.

If you don’t have one of the required forms of photo ID, please visit GotIDTexas. This is a website created by a coalition of pro-voter groups who have scrambled to help any voter who was disenfranchised. The site will ask you a few questions and provide helpful information to keep you eligible to vote.


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