Lawrence Lessig on our pre-election elections

In Lawrence Lessig’s latest TED talk, he frames the problem of big money’s corrupting influence in American politics in terms of two elections. The general election, in which we all get to vote, is preceded by the big-money election, in which the wealthy few decide who gets to run in the general election. When we vote in the general election, our choices are limited to candidates who can attract enough money from the big funders to mount a viable campaign.

In his incomparable style, Lessig employs rapid-fire visuals to show how the funding process weakens the Republic in the most fundamental way, and issues a rallying bipartisan cry that will resonate with many in the U.S. and beyond.

[ted id=1702]

Lawrence Lessig is a professor at Harvard Law School and director of Harvard University’s Safra Center for Ethics. His TED biography is here, and a Wikipedia bio is here.

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