Lobbying to make a difference

people bending over a tableOver 40 people from around the state [Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston, Irving, Garland, Caldwell County, and San Antonio] gathered at the Texas Capitol on March 18 for a Texans United to Amend Lobby Day, lobbying in support of three Texas Legislature resolutions that call for an amendment to the US Constitution to address the corrupting influence of money in politics. Article V of the US Constitution establishes two ways in which a constitutional amendment can originate. One of them is taken by Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 2 and House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 21, which request that the amendment be proposed by the Congress. The other is taken by House Joint Resolution (HJR) 94, which calls for the amendment to be proposed by a national convention assembled at the request of state legislatures.

We spoke with over 60 Senators and Representatives, or their aides, gathering support for these resolutions. Stay tuned for an analysis of these conversations. We also delivered petition signatures to over 100 offices.


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