How To Fight Citizens United

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Bill Moyers

Ever since the Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates to unlimited political spending, many organizations, including Coffee Party Austin and its partners in Texans United to Amend, have been working hard to turn back the tide . Bill Moyers suggests seven ways for you to take action. First on his list is AMEND THE CONSTITUTION. Take Action NOW by signing the Texans United to Amend petition, then go here to read Moyers’s other suggestions:


  • Support the DISCLOSE ACT
  • Petition the SEC to require corporations to reveal their political spending
  • Demand appointment of five new FEC commissioners dedicated to enforcing the existing laws on coordination and disclosure.
  • Pressure companies to refrain from political spending.
  • Support Democracy 21’s request that the IRS re-write the flawed regulations for 501(c)(4) eligibility.
  • Support the Fair Elections Now Act and the Grassroots Democracy Act.

Bill Moyers commends several other organizations working to reform the American electoral process:

  • The Campaign Legal Center tracks and participates in lawsuits aimed at keeping political campaigns free from the influence of money.
  • Common Cause is running several grassroots campaigns aimed at curbing corporate contributions.
  • The Sunlight Foundation is drafting bills to make the lobbying process more transparent.
  • Democracy 21 is petitioning the IRS and the Justice Department to crack down on illegitimate 501(c)4s.
  • Public Citizen is working on several campaign-finance reforms, including an initiative to overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional amendment.
  • Open Secrets is a project of the Center for Responsive Politics which offers data and reports on the effects of money on elections and public policy.


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