Austin City Council Resolution: Money ≠ Speech

resolution to be presented for adoption by the Austin City Council in June has been drawn up by Coffee Party Austin, Occupy Austin, and Austin Move to Amend. It calls for a Constitutional Amendment and/or other legislative actions to distinguish money from speech, from which it follows that the expenditure of money to influence the electoral or legislative process is not a form of constitutionally protected speech and is subject to regulation.

The resolution calls for regulations intended to remove undue influence on elected officials by curtailing the use of funds by artificial entities such as corporations to influence the electoral or legislative process.

The resolution requires that nothing in the proposed amendment shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.

About Hamilton Richards

He retired in 2006 as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. These days he volunteers technical support for Citizens' Climate Lobby (Austin chapter), Common Ground for Texans, (, Integrity Texas (, Austin Rowing Club, and several friends.
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  1. Diane Owens says:

    Tentative date for Austin City Council to take up this resolution is June 14th. If you are a resident of Austin, you can help by contacting the Mayor and Council members to urge them to pass this resolution:
    Lee Leffingwell, Mayor,, 512-974-2250
    Sheryl Cole, Mayor Pro Tem,, 512-974-2266

    City Council Members:
    Bill Spelman,, 512-974-2256
    Mike Martinez,, 512-974-2264
    Chris Riley,, 512-974-2260
    Laura Morrison,, 512-974-2258
    Kathie Tovo,, 512-974-2255

    This effort is part of a national campaign to garner support for a constitutional amendment to reverse U. S. Supreme Court decisions that have equated money with speech and given corporations free reign to spend corporate money to influence elections. Please call or email your support for this resolution today!

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