Ending Corporate Rule with 9 Strategies

In the latest issue of Yes! Doug Pibel, its managing editor, wrote “9 Best Strategies to End Corporate Rule” to put people back in charge.  Here are his 9 strategies:

  1. Amend the constitution to end corporate personhood.
  2. Dive into grassroots campaigns.
  3. Hold corporations accountable to our laws.
  4. Get past the propaganda.
  5. Support independent media and keep the Internet free.
  6. Protect the commons from private interests.
  7. Vote.  Build a strong democracy and put progressive leaders in office.
  8. Make your dollars matter.
  9. Get creative to raise awareness.

To read the entire article go to (http://www.yesmagazine.org/people-power/9-best-strategies-to-end-corporate-rule)

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One Response to Ending Corporate Rule with 9 Strategies

  1. Ham Richards says:

    Parts of the Yes! article turn out to be regrettably simple-minded. For example, Strategy #1 says

    The Supreme Court says corporations have at least as many rights under the Constitution as you and I. We need an amendment that says rights are for flesh and blood people.

    “At least as many rights”? One right that corporations don’t have is the right to vote. “Rights are for flesh and blood people”? Should corporations be deprived of all rights, even the right to due process?

    In the uproar over Citizens United, it’s often overlooked that the First Amendment does not “give” anyone—or any corporation—the right to “free speech.” What it does is to prohibit the government from suppressing speech, whether it’s spoken by a person, a corporation, or a squirrel. The Court’s decision “held that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting political expenditures by corporations and unions”.

    More generally, characterizing corporations as bogeymen is getting tiresome. Some corporations behave well, others behave badly. Without corporations we would not have the cell phones and Internet that are “key components” in Strategy #5.

    Corporations’ undue influence is certainly real, and “ending corporate rule” is a worthy goal. The key to their rule is their near monopoly on funding of legislators’ election campaigns. Ending that monopoly would be the quickest route to the end of corporate rule.

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