NPR’s Planet Money Revisits Money in Politics

In Planet Money’s latest podcast on money in politicsAlex Blumberg conducts his second interview with recovering lobbyist Jimmy Williams:

On the podcast today, we get a glimpse from inside the room where money changes hands. Jimmy Williams used to lobby for the powerful National Association of Realtors.

Williams tells us about some of the ridiculous issues he’s lobbied for, the steady flow of money that congresspeople need, and how he wants to take down the crazy campaign finance system.

According to Williams, it’s not that hordes of lobbyists are throwing money at members of Congress, trying to corrupt them. On the contrary, he maintains, every lobbyist spends most of his time dodging phone calls from politicians.

He wants to amend the Constitution to make it legal to ban money from politics, and he’s signed up with  United Republic’s “Get Money Out!” campaign.

You can listen to the interview here:

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