Occupy Courts in Austin TX success!!!

Almost fifty local and not so local citizens showed up at the Federal Courthouse in Austin Texas to remember the travesty put upon the American Democracy by the 2010 Supreme Court decision on F.E.C. v Citizens United to allow the flooding of even more money in our political system to drown out average American citizens.  The Move to Amend local affiliate led by Mike Ryan, seen here in the black robe, gathered Occupy Austin and Coffee Party Austin members to join in the protest.

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  1. D.L. Bearden says:

    The process of amending the Constitution is not advanced through protest. I suggest ending the protest movement and begin the process of seeking collaboration with friendly local officials beginning with the Travis County Commissioners Court. I suggested this to the Amend organizers who rejected it in favor of a protest that accomplished nothing.
    Think about how effective a letter of support passed by the Commissioners Court and signed by County Judge Sam Biscoe would be when compared with newsletter mailed to supporters claiming success but accomplishing nothing.

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