Political Spending is Up for the 0.01%

“Deep Pockets, Deeply Political,” Charles M. Blow’s December 19 New York Times column, begins this way:

A tiny number of wealthy Americans are playing an ever-increasing role in financing our politics. This is not a good thing for a democracy.

Referring to a report just issued by the Sunlight Foundation, the column continues,

… The report also pointed out that “overwhelmingly, they are corporate executives, investors, lobbyists and lawyers” and that “a good number appear to be highly ideological.” In the 2010 election cycle, the report revealed, “the average one percent of one percenter spent $28,913, more than the median invdividual income of $26,364.”

The column finishes up with a nice set of graphs showing various indices of the financial influence of the top 0.01% as functions of time. They all slope ominously upward to the right (double entendre intended).


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