Screening of 9500 Liberty, panel discussion, reception

Friday November 4, 6:30–9:00pm: we will have a screening of 9500 Liberty, a panel discussion, and a reception. This screening will be at the auditorium of the AFL-CIO Building, 1106 Lavaca. This is a free event (donations welcome). Sandwiches and dessert provided. Free parking available. (#9500Lib)

Screening – This acclaimed film, 9500 Liberty, is about the vitriolic passage and partial repeal of an Arizona (SB 1070)-like law in Prince William County, VA. Recognizing that the impact of this law was damaging to both the white and non-white residents alike, both communities realized they had to join together and make their voices heard in order to change this community-splitting law. Their use of social media is particularly noteworthy.

Panel – Annabel Park will open with the story of the genesis of the film (it started as a series of YouTube clips popularized on facebook) and how this led to the founding of Coffee Party USA. Annabel and Austin community organizers will form a panel to discuss the film and the impact of social media in their own activism. The panel will take questions that will expose the audience to diverse perspectives.

Reception – The reception offers audience members a chance to meet and engage in discussion directly with Annabel Park. Dessert and coffee will be served.

Information about joining Annabel Park for dinner. The rest of the Coffee Party Austin events for November 4 & 5.

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