Social Media Seminar

Saturday November 5, 10:00am–12 noon: We will hold a Social Media Seminar at the First United Methodist Church Family Life Center, 1300 Lavaca, Room 104. This is a free event (donations welcome). Street parking available.

Annabel Park, co-founder of Coffee Party USA, will conduct a social media seminar to local Austin activists, students, and community members. Annabel will discuss social media from her experience in building a national organization and creating a film documentary from activities originating in her use of social media.The workshop will include the following topics:

  • How to frame your message for most effective response
  • Mass communication of message
  • How to build an audience (bring them to us rather than just wait for them to show up)
  • How to use social media effectively
  • How to build a network of many networks
  • How organizations with limited staff can be included in the social media project
  • How to include communities that may have a limited exposure to social media

Information about joining Annabel Park for dinner. The rest of the Coffee Party Austin events for November 4 & 5.

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