Jennifer Granholm on jobs

On Monday, Sept 19th, former MI Governor Jennifer Granholm spoke on CNN’s Piers Morgan show about what worked and what didn’t work in Michigan. During her first term (2002-2006), she followed the conventional wisdom and shrank state government. More than any state in the nation’s history, in fact. Then she watched jobs decline year after year.

Since the investment of the Federal Government in 2009, jobs have grown in her state and unemployment has shrunk from over 14% to just over 11%. She made the case that our global competitors do not subscribe to Laissez-faire governmental policy. Instead, they are actively working to secure advantages for their people, and will continue to win business until our own government gets back in the game.

She’s on the book trail now, plugging her new book and arguing for thoughtful government intervention in the economy. I’m plugging her here not because I tend to agree with her, but because she is bucking today’s common “wisdom” in a way that Coffee Partiers would be proud: boldly and with the use of facts and first-hand experience.

Here’s a short review of her book by The Detroit News.

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