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It was a year ago, January 26, 2010, that the Coffee Party began as a FaceBook fan page, Join the Coffee Party Movement. It quickly spread from a virtual town hall to a truly grassroots movement with chapters across the nation.

The Coffee Party burst on the scene to reintroduce some forgotten ideals into public discourse: civility, cooperation and informed civic engagement. We called for dialogue transcending partisanship, and putting the facts first when seeking policy solutions.

A year later, these approaches are the stated goals of just about every mainstream political leader in the country. In fact, “civility” and “cooperation” are a major part of our national lexicon, and we’re going to work to keep it that way.

With an openness to diverse cultures and ideas and a refusal to fall prey to polarizing rhetoric designed to distract us, confuse us, and set us against one another, members of the Coffee Party have identified key issues that must be addressed. We must come together as a people if we are to address the systemic issues that threaten our right to self-governance, our economic future, and the fiscal solvency of our government.

Our mission is clear, we must rein in corporate influence over our government with legislative and institutional fixes AND we must empower citizens and communities by inviting people to participate in the democratic process as fellow Americans looking for facts and solutions together. Without actively engaged citizens, there is a vacuum created in our democracy and it becomes vulnerable to manipulation.

Now is your opportunity to show your support for a Government of, by and for the People!

Join by February 28th to become a Founding Member of Coffee Party USA.

About Hamilton Richards

I retired in 2006 as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. These days I volunteer technical support for Citizens' Climate Lobby (Austin chapter), Common Ground for Texans, (, Integrity Texas (, and several friends.
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