Gerrymandering to be screened at Alamo Downtown

From Steve Bickerstaff, Adjunct Professor of Law, The University of Texas School of Law:

The director of this film has asked me to be present at the showing and to discuss it. I appear in the film as an expert on redistricting, but I have avoided actually seeing my segments of the film.

Jeff asked me if I would let a few people know about the film.


Right now, politicians are gearing up for the once-a-decade battle to decide who will control Congress for the next ten years or more. Behind the scenes, and away from the prying eyes of their constituents, they are jostling for control of the ultimate political weapon – the ability to directly determine the outcome of elections. Why bother with stuffing ballots when you can just draw your own districts?

In Gerrymandering, filmmaker Jeff Reichert exposes the most effective form of manipulating elections short of outright fraud. District lines are re-drawn to suit the interests of a few and manipulated for political gain. Democrats and Republicans collude to ensure their own re-elections while our whole democratic process is threatened. Gerrymandering covers this important facet of our political process, and does so in a way that is both informative and easily digestible.

Rated NR; 81min; Director: Jeff Reichert IMDB

Screening:  Alamo Downtown,  Monday, January 24th 7pm

Kid Policy: 18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

UPDATE The Alamo Downtown web page for Gerrymandering is now showing a screen time of 8:00pm.

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