McKinnon a founder of No Labels

From an Orlando Sentinel column by Kathleen Parker:

Next month, a new political group, No Labels (, will launch in New York City. Led by Republican strategist Mark McKinnon and Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson, the organization has raised more than $1 million.

Coffee Partiers who attended the Louisville convention in September may recall that McKinnon co-chaired the Mock Constitutional Convention along with Lawrence Lessig.

A recent posting on No Labels bears the title “It’s Time, America, to Civil-Up.” A key paragraph captures the essence of the Coffee Party:

The American political process is a disgrace. Not just because of the obscene amounts of money spent on elections – $4 billion in this recent midterm election. And not just because of the slogans and symbols, the simplifications and factual errors, that bombarded our eyes and ears, and consumed our communications.  No, the true indignity was the absence of civility in the political debate.

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