League of Women Voters Supports DISCLOSE Act

In a November 3 press release, the League of Women Voters expresses dismay at the anonymous money and uncivil tone that afflicted the 2010 elections.

“The impact of election 2010 goes far deeper than which party controls the House or the Senate,” said Elisabeth MacNamara, national League President.  “The tens of millions of dollars in secret money spent in this election are a recipe for scandal.  Voters were overwhelmed by millions of dollars in negative ads but didn’t know who paid for many of them.  Pay-to-play politics won’t change until we know who the special interests are who are pouring money into our elections,” she said.

“The incivility and tone of the 2010 campaign reached a disturbingly new low in American politics,” added MacNamara.  “Not only was this evident in the advertising, but we also saw it in candidate debates and forums and in the public discourse.”

“The League calls on Congress to pass the DISCLOSE Act, which would restore transparency to U.S. elections by requiring disclosure of corporate and union spending in candidate elections.”

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