CPM Conv. Frances Moore Lappé’s keynote

I thought that I would share my notes from Frances Moore Lappé’s keynote address at the 2010 CPM Convention.  I hope to post notes from workshops that I attended also so stay tuned.  Lappé’s talk was about the Spiral of Powerlessness.

There are a number of human capacities we can count on:

  • empathy
  • cooperation
  • fairness
  • need for meaning
  • need for power /  efficacy

There are three conditions proven to bring out the WORST in us:

  • concentrated power
  • lack of transparency
  • blaming “the other”

Lappé suggests that we must dissolve these and bring about their opposites to make change.

There are three conditions proven to bring out the BEST in us:

  • disbursement of power [my addition: i.e. Fair Elections Now Act]
  • transparency [my addition: i.e. Disclose Act]
  • mutual accountability

There are three course changers:

  • move from a magical monopoly market to a democratic market
  • move from a victims/blamers culture to an empowerment/mutuality culture.
  • move from a politics driven by money to a politics driven by citizen’s values
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