FENA Up For Vote in House Committee

From an announcement on FairElectionsNow.org:

September 16th, 2010 – 3:50pm

Washington, D.C.-The Committee on House Administration announced today that on Thursday, September 23rd it will take up and vote on the Fair Elections Now Act, legislation that would bring sweeping, historic change to our political system by putting elections back in the hands of voters. The measure is the strongest one since Watergate to advance in Congress, and a committee vote could prepare the bill for full House consideration in the next few weeks.

Writing in Ezra Klein’s blog, Dylan Matthews expresses doubts about FENA’s chances in the Senate:

Maybe [FENA] could pass the House unadulterated, but it has no Republican co-sponsors in the Senate, and adding some will likely require making deals with GOP swing votes, deals that will likely be hard to defend in public. So Harry Reid would have to decide … whether he wants public financing, or whether he wants to run against Republicans on public financing. … I don’t like the odds for actual passage there.

Update: According to “Vote Set on Campaign Spending Measure,” by Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, 17 September 2010, it may be close:

“We believe we have the votes on the House floor to win it,” said David Donnelly, manager of the Campaign for Fair Elections, a coalition of progressive groups pushing for wholesale campaign finance reform.

With the committee vote now set, Mr. Donnelly said he had commitments of support from all six Democrats on the nine-person House Administration committee. But the office of Representative Artur Davis, Democrat of Alabama, said that Mr. Davis would not in fact support the financing plan, leaving its fate in some doubt.

Are there any Coffee Party chapters in Mr. Davis’s district?

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