9500 Liberty reviewed

The documentary film 9500 Liberty, made by Coffee Party USA’s own Annabel Park and Eric Byler, chronicles the attempt by the commissioners of Virginia’s Prince William County to require police officers to stop and question anyone they had “probable cause” to suspect was an undocumented immigrant.

In his Pegasus News review, John P. Meyer writes,

When the economic impacts and potential federal legal ramifications of the Prince William County ordinance begin to have negative and distracting effects on the local economy, those originally too scared to speak up risk the enmity of their neighbors by coming out in opposition. As someone puts it: It’s a test of character.

Providence Journal arts writer Michael Janusonis gives a more detailed review, relating the film to current controversies in Rhode Island. The essence of the film’s story line:

The issue divides the county … at least until the immigrants begin leaving, their houses go up for sale, home prices drop, stores lose customers, and the bill comes in to pay for the extra police and equipment needed to implement the new law, something that leads to higher property taxes and the eventual call for a reassessment of the law.

In Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, 9 viewers rate it Fresh, and one rates it Rotten. The average rating is 7.4/10.

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