Lawrence Lessig video

Diane Owens recommends this video from Lawrence Lessig’s Fix Congress First group.

[Edited to change the video link, because the original, on, became hidden.]

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He retired in 2006 as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. These days he volunteers technical support for Citizens' Climate Lobby (Austin chapter), Common Ground for Texans, (, Integrity Texas (, Austin Rowing Club, and several friends.
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2 Responses to Lawrence Lessig video

  1. PatrickBlackard says:

    TEDx Boston has this YouTube on their site:

    It’s not just the slideshow, it shows Larry delivering the talk.


  2. Ham Richards says:

    Thanks, PB, for the YouTube link. It complements the slideshow link—it shows more of Prof. Lessig but less of the slides.


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